Our breakfast and luncheon programs, conferences, workshops, webinars and seminars focused on timely international trade topics featuring leaders from the public and private sectors.

Upcoming events

Past events

07/20/2017 Customs Compliance for Import Personnel
07/12/2017 ACE for Importers
06/27/2017 FTA Member Mixer
06/21/2017 US International Traffic in Arms Regulations
06/21/2017 Customs Valuation
05/16/2017 2017 World Trade Week Lunch
05/09/2017 Foreign Trade and Global Litigation: The New Normal
04/27/2017 US Economic and Trade Sanctions
03/22/2017 FTA Member Mixer
02/28/2017 FTA-HTA TPM Panel
01/30/2017 AAEI and FTA Western Regional Conference
12/02/2016 FTA Annual Holiday Celebration
11/14/2016 44th Annual Golf Tournament
10/10/2016 Exports 101
05/20/2016 World Trade Week Luncheon & Trade Fair - 2016
03/28/2016 ACE for Importers
03/24/2016 2nd Annual Spring Golf Tournament
01/19/2016 Customs Brokers License Examination Course
12/10/2015 FTA 3rd Annual Holiday Gala
12/01/2015 Foreign Supplier Verification Programs
11/17/2015 Duty Drawback Forum with U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and Industry Experts
10/20/2015 ACE & C.E.S with OET Process and What to Avoid
09/24/2015 43rd Annual Golf Tournament
09/18/2015 Communicating with CBP: Getting A Favorable Ruling, Internal Advise or Protest
07/20/2015 Customs Brokers License Examination Course
06/25/2015 Springtime in Italy: Mix & Mingle with FTA
06/23/2015 Webinar: ADD/CVD Compliance for Importers and Customs Brokers
06/16/2015 ATA Carnets in Action!
06/11/2015 Yusen Terminals Tour
05/19/2015 FDA - What you Need to Know to Comply with FDA Requirements
05/18/2015 Webinar: Responding to the Federal Maritime Commissions Report
05/15/2015 World Trade Week Luncheon & Trade Fair
05/13/2015 Webinar: The US Congress Trade Policy Agenda – Impact on US Companies and California Ports
03/30/2015 1st Annual Spring Golf Tournament
02/17/2015 Webinar - Importer Self-Assessment Program (ISA) – A Journey through ISA
01/22/2015 The CEEs and the Current Enforcement Environment CBP Protecting the Revenue and Combatting Fraud
01/12/2015 Customs Brokers License Examination Course
12/11/2014 FTA 2nd Annual Holiday Gala
11/20/2014 Come Relax, be Thankful and: Mix & Mingle with FTA
11/19/2014 Advanced Topics in Related Party Valuation
10/23/2014 Fundamentals of Export Compliance
10/22/2014 Webinar - New Export Controls on Commercial Satellites, Equipment and Parts
10/09/2014 Yusen Terminals Tour
09/29/2014 42nd Annual Golf Tournament
09/17/2014 Webinar - A Survey of Export Compliance Issues
09/04/2014 Webinar - The Current Enforcement Environment
07/24/2014 Customs Compliance for Importer Personnel
07/23/2014 Custom Audits Are Changing
07/21/2014 Customs Brokers License Examination Course
06/12/2014 It's a Marvelous Night for a: Mix & Mingle with FTA
06/11/2014 New ISF Enforcement & Revenue Modernization/eBOND
05/15/2014 World Trade Week Luncheon & Trade Fair
04/24/2014 Customs Valuation Full Day Course
03/19/2014 Webinar - Selecting and Working with a Customs Broker
01/27/2014 Customs Brokers License Examination Course
12/18/2013 FTA First Annual Holiday Gala
12/10/2013 Update with US Customs & Border Protection
11/14/2013 Export Control Reform
10/03/2013 Fundamentals of Export Compliance
09/30/2013 41st Annual Golf Tournament
09/19/2013 ISF Compliance and Enforcement
07/22/2013 Customs Brokers License Examination Course
07/18/2013 Customs Compliance For Import Personnel
06/20/2013 Webinar - Custom Trade Partnership Against Terrorism - C-TPAT Highlights and Latest Industry News
05/23/2013 World Trade Week Luncheon & Trade Fair
05/09/2013 Springtime in Italy: Mix & Mingle with FTA
05/08/2013 Webinar - ATA Carnets in Action
03/28/2013 Import Safety – Product Compliance and Enforcement
02/19/2013 ITAR Background & How CBP Processes ITAR Imports and Exports
02/07/2013 Webinar - ADD/CVD Compliance for Importers and Customs Brokers
01/14/2013 Customs Brokers License Exam Prep Course
01/10/2013 Fundamentals of Export Compliance

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