LACBFFA: An Update From the Federal Maritime Commission

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 09 Aug 2022
 11:00am – 12:00pm PDT

An overview of the latest developments at the Federal Maritime Commission and how the Federal Maritime can assist with cargo issues at the ports.

What is the FMC doing in the short term? Long term?
Update on what is being done on the issue of “empties”
Time-line past, present, and future of D&D reform
Breakdown New Compliant system
Help! The Demurrage clock should not start until CBP holds are removed
Mr. Padilla will take industry input to help create a FAQ for working through the implementation.
More changes to come!
This event was originally scheduled for June 29.



Gabriel Padilla is an Area Representative for the Federal Maritime Commission in the Los Angeles Office. His duties include conducting investigations, inquiries, and outreach activities in the southwestern portion of the U.S. Mr. Padilla has extensive industry knowledge and previously served as the Customs & Border Protection Chief Agriculture Specialist in the Los Angeles/Long Beach seaport, where he led a team of specially trained Agriculture Specialists in their efforts to identify shipments that pose a significant risk to U.S. agriculture and natural resources. He began his government career with the United States Department of Agriculture in the Los Angeles/Long Beach seaport and majored in Agronomy and International Agriculture at Iowa State University.


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