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Profile Amanda Barlow is the Regional Vice President for Roanoke Trade’s Western Region. Amanda oversees the sales and operations of the Long Beach and San Francisco offices. She is responsible for managing client relationships and directing sales initiatives with a focus on quality of service to ensure we deliver a superior client experience that serves as a sustainable differentiator for Roanoke in her region. Amanda seeks new business opportunities, and contributes to developing product and technology initiatives to ensure we are always meeting our clients’ needs and covering their risk exposures. She monitors underwriting practices, and ensures our brokerage operation is run consistently and efficiently. Amanda is a licensed insurance broker who specializes in ATA Carnets, cargo insurance, customs bonds, errors & omissions, and property & casualty for international trade and transportation specialists. Since Amanda has been with Roanoke she has severed in a variety of roles within the company. Most recently, Amanda was our Vice President of Client Experience which was focused on understanding our client’s needs whether from a risk management perspective, sales tools and support or simply how we can support our clients as they grow and evolve in the ever changing market place. Originally Amanda joined Roanoke in 2014 as the Vice President of ATA Carnet and she was responsible for the daily management of customer service operations, and sales of the ATA Carnet product and all its related services nationwide. Amanda’s career has been very focused on ATA Carnet and she is still involved in the strategic leadership and development of ATA Carnet, especially as we move into a digital environment. Amanda was appointed to the U.S. Department of Commerce’s District Export Council (DEC) of Southern California, one of more than 60 DECs that exist throughout the country to support the U.S. Government’s export promotion efforts.

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