President’s Message - January 2018

Looking to the Future

No one can predict the future. One thing we can be sure of about trade is that it’s a continually evolving industry, and the Foreign Trade Association (FTA) will be at the forefront of it all!

2017 was without question an exciting year for the trade community. We had a new President enter office with ideas of changing how we conduct international trade with other countries. Cyber-attacks hit the trade community with one of the largest steamship lines being compromised and costing them nearly $300 million in lost revenue. The container shipping industry saw an increase in profitability from what was a very turbulent 2016. Blockchain and e-commerce became buzz words used throughout the trade community. So what can we look forward to in 2018?

For the FTA, 2018 marks our 99th anniversary as an organization. A lot has changed in those 99 years, but one constant throughout that time has been the FTA’s dedication to promoting international trade! For 99 years the FTA has been one of the most diverse associations with its membership consisting of importers & exports, freight forwarders, customs brokers, financial intermediaries and other organizations all committed to fostering commerce and economic growth; whether it was a historical event affecting change in trade regulations like WWII or September 11th.

Former FTA President Stanley T. Olafson created Word Trade Week, current FTA Chairman Cameron Roberts testified before the Federal Maritime Commission concerning The Coalition for Fair Port Practices petition. The FTA has been there as a leading advocate for its members in support of change. We will continue to remain steadfast in our commitment.

As we look to move into the next century of FTA’s mission, our organization will do all that it can to support its members and trade. However, to be an efficient organization, we also need the support and involvement of our members. So many things will change in the future, both near and distant, and it’s our job as an organization to ensure that we provide the education, advocacy, and support to continue our goals. I challenge us all to be leaders and educators to the trade industry and to encourage those having just entered or considering entering the trade industry to get involved. Not only with the FTA, but as an industry as a whole. Lets’ show the world how invigorating it is to be involved with trade!

I am very honored to serve as President of the FTA in 2018. As your President, I welcome the technological and global challenges that we will face together, as an industry in the coming months. The FTA will continue our dedication to being one of the leading organizations in the U.S. to “promote, foster and encourage international commerce and economic growth.”

Glenn Patton

Foreign Trade Association
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