President’s Message - January 2020

Cheers, and I hope you had a wonderful Holiday Season!

I arrived recharged to start the new year and excited to be the Foreign Trade Association (FTA) President for the year 2020. It is an incredible milestone having the FTA accomplish 100 years. This milestone would not have been possible without the contributions of our members and of all past Board Directors that gave their time and efforts to make this association the premier trade association in Southern California. It will be a challenge for the new generations of FTA leaders to take it to new heights.

Thinking about a theme for this coming year, I felt that “learn from the past to project to the future” would be a good one. And what I mean by that is that we can learn from our history and our former Directors. During our 100 year gala, one of our objectives was to honor and thank our past Presidents for their contributions. But it is also our intention to keep on learning from them. We have an immense pool of talented and experienced international trade professionals in our membership in areas such as Import and Export Management, Logistics, and Transportation, and also excellent Attorneys, Consultants, and Educators. We also have new professionals that are entering these fields, seeking to gain knowledge and expertise. Combining the experience from the past with the new entrants in the area, we can make the FTA stronger and take it to the next 100 years.

This coming year we have lined up a long list of educational opportunities, and we are also planning events where we can network and socialize with other FTA members. These opportunities are not only for service providers such as Customs Brokers, Attorneys, or Logistics companies but very relevant for our importers and exporters. We need to tap into our new generation of new professionals entering their careers into the International Trade field. They need training and exposure to other trade professionals. I would encourage you to bring your junior associates to these events so they can learn and network.

Let’s all make the year 2020 a great year and a new beginning for the FTA next 100 years!

Pedro Villanueva

Foreign Trade Association
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