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Profile Adonna Martin accepted an entry level position at Price Transfer in 1986. Adonna brought to Price Transfer an incredible work ethic and a veracious ability to learn the business. Consequently, based on her amassed knowledge and experience, Adonna was elevated to the position of Director of all C.E.S Operations at Price. Overseeing the largest C.E.S. Operation in the country is a tremendous responsibility. Accepting this responsibility without hesitation, Adonna has distinguished herself as a top executive in her area of expertise. In addition, Ms. Martin was instrumental in the development, execution, and implementation of revolutionary new software for Price Transfer. This software is a Microsoft internet-based real-time software solution that has proven to be invaluable not only to Price Transfer and their customers but also provides a cohesive interface with CBP. This software was recently recognized by the Microsoft Corporation and received the award for “Excellence In Innovation.” In her current position, she continues to implement new policies and procedures that improve the quality process and provides continued growth and prosperity for Price Transfer. Needless to say, Ms. Martin has distinguished herself as an integral part of the Price Transfer Executive Management Team and as a well-respected executive in the Global Logistics community. Even with her demanding work schedule, she has always believed that she should give back to the industry that has been so good to her over the past 25 years. Adonna spends as much time as possible supporting various organizations that supports the Global Logistics community. She currently is an active member of WIT, LACBFFA, FTA, HTC, HTA, as well as the Carson, Wilmington, and Long Beach Chambers of Commerce.

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