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Profile Deleon Trade is a U.S. Customs compliance and International Trade consulting firm focused on assisting importers navigate the complexity of U.S. Customs import regulations. Our team of trade auditors consists of former U.S. Customs auditors and U.S. Customs audit supervisors with experience across multiple industries, programs and commodities. We have extensive experience assisting importers with multiple facets of the import compliance process: this includes assistance with Focused Assessment Audits, Risk Assessment Audits, Post Entry Audits, Quick Response Audits, Statistical Sampling Plan Development and Execution, Customs Reconciliation Program, Importer Self Assessment Program, First Sale Valuation and with development and implementation of Import Compliance Programs and Manuals. Our clients include small and mid-size firms and large multinational companies across multiple economic sectors including energy, industrials, consumer, technology, healthcare, telecommunications and materials.


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